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Presidential Economic Advisor Friedman protests regulation

Available for free viewing as Part III of PROPHECY&POLLUTION:

Our environmental video trilogy PROPHECY&POLLUTION
has published for free viewing on YouTube:

Missing the first nine-minutes of Hopi history (Part I),
but still including the prophecy (Part II EARTH SPIRIT)
and the pollution (Part III 3RD WORLD INVESTMENT SEMINAR)

THIRD WORLD INVESTMENT SEMINAR is our second educational video with animation and documentary footage–a satirical look at the damage to health and environment in the lands of indigenous peoples all around the world from corporate mining and drilling.

This educational video extends the confrontation with oil and mining and the prophetic warning by the Hopi shown in our video TECHQUA IKACHI: ABORIGINAL WARNING to some of the many indigenous peoples all around the world reporting similar threats.

THIRD WORLD INVESTMENT SEMINAR is the third video in our educational video trilogy PROPHECY & POLLUTION on the history of oil and mining exploitation on lands of indigenous peoples:

cheap downloads available on WatchBox:

The first two videos in our trilogy PROPHECY & POLLUTION come from our short TECHQUA IKACHI:

To be advised of release of the finished video:

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